ElasticPress & WooCommerce: Deactivate Product Search Fuzziness

I am a great fan of Elastic Search, the ElasticPress plugin and the ElasticPress WooCommerce module. The other day, when I was working on a clients WooCommerce shop, it was the first time I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the search results, though.

After some digging with the Debug bar and its ElasticPress extension, I could narrow down the problem to a combination of many resembling titles in our database and the Elastic Search fuzziness parameter. Of course the fantastic folks at 10up provide a filter for that in their ElasticPress plugin.


So here is how to disable fuzziness in the search:

function themeslug_deactivate_ep_fuzziness( $fuzz ) {
    return 0;
add_filter( 'ep_fuzziness_arg', 'themeslug_deactivate_ep_fuzziness' );

Of course you can even raise the fuzziness with the same method. If you want to adjust fuzziness dependent on other search parameters, the filter provides two more arguments, $search_fields and $args, which might help.

Recommendation: If you want to use WordPress with ElasticSearch, you can get both with Kinsta. Read more on how to speed up WordPress with their ElasticSearch solution on the Kinsta blogg.


One thought on “ElasticPress & WooCommerce: Deactivate Product Search Fuzziness

  1. This helped me a lot, thank you!
    Now I only have to find out how to put the search terms in an “AND” relation instead the default “OR” relation.

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