22 thoughts on “WordPress register with email only, using Gravity Forms and User Registration add-on

  1. Has WP 4 changed something fundamental. I was using this snippet in my functions.php and everything worked just fine and dandy.

    1. Thanks for putting this together. So amazingly simple when you know how 🙂

      Couple of quick questions / clarification:

      1. Does this work with the current version of WP (4.1.1) then?
      2. Does this only work for multiuser or for single install too?
      3. Do you have a demo of the registration page?

      All the best.

  2. Is there any news about how to solve the problem “only lower case letter” in WordPress 4.1 Multi site and Gravity forms?? This snippet don’t work now.

  3. Thanks for sharing very useful information.

    I am not using gravity forms. I have default WordPress registration process. How can i achieve the same result.

    Let me know.

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