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Yeoman WordPress theme generator – kickstart a grunting SCSS theme

This post describes a super simple and time saving Yeoman workflow to build WordPress themes.┬áTo make this post work for you, you should have a basic understanding of nodejs, nodes package manager npm, Yeoman workflows, Grunt and SASS/SCSS. Ones you have all up and running, you will create a Yeoman WordPress starter theme in no […]

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Extend WP_Query with custom parameters

The snippets story Some weeks ago I wanted to pass a custom parameter to the WP_Query object to change the where-query if the param was true. The problem was, that to extend WP_Query with a parameter, you have to circumvent the filtering of the query options. I solved this by hooking into the pre_get_posts action. […]

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WordPress as a CMS – Ways of organizing your content to achieve multi-level navigation for static-page websites.

If you are using WordPress as a blog, organizing your content is quite straight forward. You categorize and tag your posts, create nav-menus, to link the most important categories, use archive or calender widgets and order your posts by publishing date (which is the default). Using WordPress as a CMS for a common website and […]

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