WordPress themes are amazing and since WordPress 3.4 there is an inbuilt customizer to make individual changes as easy as possible. One commonly used feature of the customizer is changing the background color or other basic colors of the theme. That is really great, but I like to think that there are a lot of bloggers like me out there, without any talent regarding colors or design. For all of us, manual color customization uses to generate ugly blogs. So think it would be great to have preconfigured WordPress theme color schemes.

My “Color Scheme every Theme” plugin is built to help us to customize the colors of our blogs. It makes it easy to extract the colors of every theme (if it is built with css) and to change them from the admin interface. So, if you want to ask one of your designer friends for help, he or she doesn’t have to go through hundreds of lines of css, it’s enough to change the extracted color scheme via the admininterface, no coding involved.

Embeding preconfigured color schemes in the themes you are selling

I think that’s a really nice feature, but I think even more important is the possibility to embed as many preconfigured color schemes as you want in a theme. So, if you are a themedeveloper, generate some perfectly matching color schemes before you upload your theme to a marketplace of your choice, make a light and dark variant, a greyscaled and colored one or a variant for all four seasons. Then, embed those in your theme and make it even more valuable for your customers.