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Sitting at the WordCamp Stockholm 2012, I got the feeling that I wanted to contribute more to the WordPress community than just using WordPress. So, I started this blog and began to write about what I did, hoping somebody could make some use of it.

What you will find here is mostly the outcome of a developers daily work with WordPress. That means a lot of code, solutions to problems I had to solve, some more general thoughts on WordPress and some of my plugins.

Many thanks to Samuel Horn, a fantastic web-designer and friend. He designed my blog (two times) and is a never ending source of CSS3 magic. And, thanks to Internetavdelingen, for sponsoring web-space and domain.

About me


My name is Daniel Auener and I’m living on the beautiful swedish island Öland with my family, working  in the nearby town Kalmar at Internetavdelingen AB. Since 2011 we are focusing all our development efforts at work on WordPress, which builds the foundation of almost every website and web-application we deploy.

I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin. While studying, I got the chance to work as editor on the Open Source Annual 2007 and as editor in chief on the Open Source Annual 2008. These where projects of the Chair of Computers and Societywhich came to the rescue, when I began to wonder where the “science” in Computer Science was. In my diploma thesis I analyzed the Open Source migration of the German Federal Foreign Office.

As a side-project I founded the start-up CityPendler with Paul Vierkant. CityPendler was a platform for car-pooling on short distances. We gained a lot of media coverage and won a start-up competition in 2008. Even if the platform never had the big breakthrough, I still like the idea and I’m really proud of what we did.

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  1. Your blog theme is sick! I know you said a friend of yours designed it, but is there a specific theme he used as inspiration? It looks great!

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