Color Scheme every Theme 2.0 (read about v1.o here) makes it even more easy to create color schemes for WordPress themes.

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After the release of version 1.0, some bug-fixing and the release of two minor versions I had got so much feedback that I thought it was time to implement the two feature requests most users suggested:

  • Editing color schemes directly in the admin interface, instead of having to add code in the functions.php
  • An option to make the css for all schemes available in the theme, to make it possible to change the scheme not only via the admin interface, but even on the front-end.

This resulted in a completely new options page, see a screenshot below:


Here you got the possibility to edit the scheme directly in the admin interface. Just click on a color and change it in the Change color¬†input field, hit enter, pick the next color you want to change. Don’t forget to save the schemes when you are done.

If you want to use the Dynamic theme colors option and used version 1.0 of the plugin, you have to regenerate the schemes.

There is still the possibility to permanently add a scheme to your theme by copying it to the functions.php of that theme. If you want to do that, just create the new theme via the admin interface, save and click on the < embed in theme > link, which opens an textarea with the code you have to add in it.