Monthly Archives: November 2012

Current wp_nav_menu item in WordPress

Current wp_nav_menu item: The snippets story I needed to retrieve the current wp_nav_menu item connected to the currently requested page/post in WordPress. I found some solutions going through the hole menu-tree, comparing each items object-id with the current post-id. But, since menu items are post-types, you are able to use all the WP-Query-params with wp_get_nav_menu_items, […]

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WordPress post to post relationships, without altering the Database

Using WordPress as a framework, particularly post-to-post relations demand some creativity sometimes. This article wants to explore possible ways of building post2post connections without altering the standard database scheme. But, be warned, it is not about best practices, performance or perfect database modelling. Its more an attempt to list all options to consider, before adding custom tables and queries and working around all the secure and tested WordPress API functions.

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WordPress as Framework for Web Apps – Building a simple Recipe Database

In the past Wordpress has grown from a powerful blog-system to a powerful CMS and, more recently, to a powerful framework for web applications. I found WordPress extremely useful as base for medium sized web apps, without too much traffic. This tutorial will show you how to customize WordPress to adjust it to your data model, mainly by showing you how to use the essentials to build every WordPress powered web app – Custom post types, Custom taxonomies and Custom fields.

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