SASS color schemes with grunt

SASS/SCSS and Grunt are fantastic tools to organize and automatize css development. With some easy adjustments you can even make grunt to compile your css for multiple color schemes. Build your base SASS color scheme The easiest way to prepare your files for auto-compiling SASS color schemes is to create a color variable for every color […]

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Yeoman WordPress theme generator – kickstart a grunting SCSS theme

This post describes a super simple and time saving Yeoman workflow to build WordPress themes. To make this post work for you, you should have a basic understanding of nodejs, nodes package manager npm, Yeoman workflows, Grunt and SASS/SCSS. Ones you have all up and running, you will create a Yeoman WordPress starter theme in no […]

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Some great thoughts on improving WordPress Widgets. The admin-UI changes are totally convincing. Would like to see some thoughts on how to solve the “How do I install widgets” problem. Even the comments on widgets per post are absolutely worth reading.